This comprehensive encyclopedia of small arms is both an authoritative reference work and stunning visual directory. The chronological survey of arms development looks at the origins of firearms, beginning with gunpowder and developing through handguns, matchlocks, wheelocks and flintlocks. The 20th century era and beyond is dominated by the manufacture of arms for major worldwide conflicts, and the development of submachine guns in the period between the World Wars. Modern…

The Illustrated World Encyclopedia Of Guns

ISBN 10 : 0754831760
ISBN 13 : 9780754831761

This encyclopedia is both a reference work and visual display, explaining the development of arms and showing the individual specifications of modern weapons. Grouped according to ..

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The World Encyclopedia Of Rifles And Machine Guns

ISBN 10 : 1464303371
ISBN 13 : 9781464303371

An Unparalled Guide To The World's Most IMPORTANT -- Rifles And Machine Guns, From The Medieval Period To The Present Day. This encyclopedia is an authoritative reference work with..

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The Illustrated Encyclopedia Of Pistols Revolvers

ISBN 10 : 0861010639
ISBN 13 : 9780861010639

S√łgeord: Hand Guns; Revolvere; Pistoler; Duelpistoler; Service Pistols; Webley; Smith and Wesson; Manton Dueling Pistols; Holster Pistol; Enfield; Cooper Pepperbox Pistol; Mauser;..

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The Book Of Gun Trivia

ISBN 10 : 9781782006206
ISBN 13 : 1782006206

Offering a step by step guide through interesting gun facts and statistics, Gordon Rottman presents The Book of Gun Trivia. Covering a range of subjects, such as weapons designatio..

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