Ginger made a lot of objections, not because he didn’t think it was a mgood idea, but because he didn’t like Peter thinking of it instead of ‘im; but he gave way at last, and, arter he ‘ad got the beard, he stood for a long time in front o’ the glass thinking wot a difference it would ha’ made to his looks if he had ‘ad black ‘air instead o’ red. Waiting for the evening made the day seem very long to ’em; but it came at last, and, with the beards in their pockets, they slipped…

The Power

ISBN 10 : 9780857201713
ISBN 13 : 0857201719

You are meant to have an amazing life! This is the handbook to the greatest power in the Universe - The Power to have anything you want. Every discovery, invention, and human creat..

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Lost In The Cosmos

ISBN 10 : 9781453216347
ISBN 13 : 1453216340

“A mock self-help book designed not to help but to provoke; a chapbook to inveigle us into thinking about who we are and how we got into this mess.” —Los Angeles Times Book R..

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Stand Firm

ISBN 10 : 9781509514298
ISBN 13 : 1509514295

The pace of modern life is accelerating. To keep up, we must keep on moving and adapting – constantly striving for greater happiness and success. Or so we are told. But the deman..

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Self Help

ISBN 10 : 9781554839193
ISBN 13 : 155483919X

Do you want to change your life? Are you prepared to put time in to you to make it happen? Would you like to be shown how to get started? If you answered yes to those three questio..

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The Spirit S Self Help Book

ISBN 10 : 9781434356482
ISBN 13 : 1434356485

When you read "One Day in Mudville", you realize that in baseball, history occurs when you least expect it. "One Day in Mudville" is a book that details some of the most unique gam..

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Self Help

ISBN 10 : 9781365088483
ISBN 13 : 1365088480

Samuel Smiles wrote the original self help book which has aided people for over 150 years to improve themselves and become more successful...

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