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Introduction To The Talmud And Midrash

ISBN 10 : 1451409141
ISBN 13 : 9781451409147

Gunter Stemberger's revision of H. L. Strack's classic introduction to rabbinic literature, which appeared in its first English edition in 1991, was widely acclaimed. Gunter Stembe..

A Taste Of Text

ISBN 10 : 0807408573
ISBN 13 : 9780807408575

Using selected texts, each chapter begins with a Talmudic or Midrashic tale, followed by additional sections explaining Backgound, Jewish views on the topic, quotes from Jewish com..

The Cambridge Companion To The Talmud And Rabbinic Literature

ISBN 10 : 9781139827423
ISBN 13 : 1139827421

This volume introduces students of rabbinic literature to the range of historical and interpretative questions surrounding the rabbinic texts of late antiquity. The editors, themse..

The Midrash

ISBN 10 : 0876688148
ISBN 13 : 9780876688144

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