We read that we must be passionate about only one thing, that 10,000 hours of hard practice is needed to achieve mastery. But in fact most successful people, including Nobel prize winners, nurture multiple areas of knowledge and activity that feed their central subject.

Whether it’s making a perfect soufflé, dancing a tango or lighting a fire, when we take the time to cultivate small and quantifiable areas of expertise, we change everything. We become faster and more fearless…


ISBN 10 : 0241280044
ISBN 13 : 9780241280041

'Micromastery is a triumph. A brilliant idea, utterly convincing, and superbly carried through' - Philip Pullman We read that we must be passionate about only one thing, that 10,00..

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ISBN 10 : 9780525504306
ISBN 13 : 0525504303

Want to be a lifelong learner? Think small. Forget spending 10,000 hours in the pursuit of perfecting just one thing. The true path to success and achievement lies in the pursuit o..

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Micro Mastery

ISBN 10 : 0538618779
ISBN 13 : 9780538618779

Provides drills, timed writings, and formatting exercises to teach basic keyboarding, using AppleWorks, Word Perfect, or MicroSoft Works...

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ISBN 10 : 9781847653314
ISBN 13 : 1847653316

'Machiavelli has a new rival, and Sun-tzu had better watch his back' - New York Times Around the globe, people are facing the same problem - that we are born as individuals but are..

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The Art Of Failing

ISBN 10 : 9781786071835
ISBN 13 : 1786071835

HAUNTED! By endless tiny humiliations. STRUGGLING! To resurrect the corpse of his literary career. ENSNARED! In a loving yet perplexing marriage. Anthony McGowan is a man at odds w..

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Red Nile

ISBN 10 : 9781466853904
ISBN 13 : 1466853905

From religion, to language, to the stories rooted in our faith and history books, the Nile River has proven to be a constant fixture in mankind's tales. In this dazzling, idiosyncr..

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Proof Of God

ISBN 10 : 9781501161544
ISBN 13 : 1501161547

A Seeker, a Scientist, and the Stunning Answer to the World’s Oldest Question Ptolemy Tompkins, collaborator on the New York Times bestselling Proof of Heaven and Proof of Angels..

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