A short history of the technical aspects of Photography, as well as profiles of several photographers from the early days until 1950.

What Was History

ISBN 10 : 9780521874359
ISBN 13 : 0521874351

One of the world's leading cultural historians on writing about history in early modern Europe...

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What Is History

ISBN 10 : 0907845835
ISBN 13 : 9780907845836

This is a collection of 30 pieces by Michael Oakeshott, almost all of which are previously unpublished, covering every decade of his intellectual career. The essays were intended m..

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The Uses Of History In Early Modern England

ISBN 10 : 0873282191
ISBN 13 : 9780873282192

"A superb group of contributors provide by far the best survey ever produced of the uses of the past in early modern England. The essays give the history of both religion and polit..

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On History

ISBN 10 : 0226071510
ISBN 13 : 9780226071510

An eminent French historian analyzes the study of history and the nature of time..

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ISBN 10 : 9780521197205
ISBN 13 : 0521197201

Ireland has rarely been out of the news during the past thirty years. Whether as a war-zone in which Catholic nationalists and Protestant Unionists struggled for supremacy, a case ..

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ISBN 10 : 9780745646886
ISBN 13 : 0745646883

Ötzi the iceman could not do without wood when he was climbing his Alpine glacier, nor could medieval cathedral-builders or today's construction companies. From time immemorial, t..

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ISBN 10 : 9780300118308
ISBN 13 : 0300118309

Traces the history of love and how it developed from its Hebraic and Greek origins to an ideal that obsesses the modern Western world, and highlights philosophers that have challen..

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