“The whole universe appears as a dynamic web of inseparable energy patterns… Thus we are not separated parts of a whole. We are a Whole.” – Barbara Ann Brennan Learning how to properly balance our inner energy systems is important. Life can often be very overwhelming. These overwhelming occurrences can often cause our chakras to become blocked. Once you are able to understand the meaning of a chakra and how it affects our life and our body, you will then be able to grasp how…


ISBN 10 : 1515356477
ISBN 13 : 9781515356479

Chakras (FREE Bonus Included)Chakras: Opening Your Inner Energy Centers - The Ultimate Chakras for Beginners Guide to Help you Learn How to Balance Your ChakrasLearning how to prop..

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Chakra Meditation

ISBN 10 : 9781604077414
ISBN 13 : 1604077417

Our chakras—the seven energy centers located from the base of the spine to the crown of the head—govern every aspect of our health and consciousness. Resting in the lower chakr..

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Change Your Energy Change Your Life

ISBN 10 : 9781456607197
ISBN 13 : 1456607197

This simple self-help book will take you, step by step, through each of your personal energy centers, known as the Chakras. These often-misunderstood centers an have a profound eff..

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Chakras For Beginners

ISBN 10 : 9780738715919
ISBN 13 : 0738715913

You may think that difficult situations and emotions you experience are caused by other people or random events. This book will convince you that inner imbalance is not caused by s..

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Your Seven Energy Centers

ISBN 10 : 9780922729562
ISBN 13 : 0922729565

Contains powerful insights and tools for wholeness based on the science of the body's subtle energy system. It draws from the wisdom of the world's spiritual traditions to show how..

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Healing Chakras

ISBN 10 : 9781935127048
ISBN 13 : 1935127047

The Chakras are the seven key energy centers of our body. When all seven Chakras are active and functioning optimally, we live a life of physical, mental, and spiritual health. Hea..

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The Power Of Shakti

ISBN 10 : 9781594779046
ISBN 13 : 159477904X

Transformational wisdom designed for both women and men to access and enhance the inner power of the Divine • Reveals how to activate your sacred sexual self and find your soul m..

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Llewellyn S Truth About Chakras

ISBN 10 : 9780738738468
ISBN 13 : 0738738468

The Truth about Chakras reveals the secrets of the chakras so you can implement their healing powers for better health, personal growth, and transcendence. This guide provides basi..

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Chakra Therapy

ISBN 10 : 0875427219
ISBN 13 : 9780875427218

Describes the workings of the human energy system, suggests exercises to increase one's energy level, and tells how to achieve balance and harmony..

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The Complete Idiot S Guide To Chakras

ISBN 10 : 9781101108543
ISBN 13 : 1101108541

Get into the spirit of chakras. In the last decade, as Westerners have become more familiar with Eastern medicine, the term "chakra" has entered the mainstream lexicon. The Complet..

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